Winter Survival Kit Recommendations and Accessories for Your Truck

Winter is here and the time is ripe for skidding off the road and into a mess of trouble you may not have planned for. Using your truck’s underseat storage boxes or vehicle organizers you’ll be able to pack for the extreme circumstances weather can produce on the road.The following items are helpful when you find yourself in a weather related situation:
Wireless phone (cell phone).
Blankets (more than one)
A ‘hand crank’ radio or a radio with extra batteries.
High energy food. Energy bars, candy bars, hard candies, dried fruit (raisins, dates), jerky and granola bars.
Books and magazines to keep you from being bored and falling asleep.
Extra warm clothing. Don’t be afraid to have an extra pair of gloves, hat, parka, coat, ski mask even boots available if you are traveling for long distances in unfamiliar areas.
An alternative source of heat. Pack more than one wick candle can heater. Don’t forget your matches to light your candle. Some lighters won’t work in extreme cold.
Water in a metal container. You can use the container to melt snow to be used for drinking water when your initial supply runs out.
Toilet paper or tissues
Orange (bright) cloth to signal for help
Nylon rope
First Aid Kit
Flashlight and batteries
Multipurpose tool and knife
Plastic whistleIf you do go off the road and become stuck in a ditch; please remember to stay in your vehicle. Use your phone to call 911 and tell authorities your location and your situation. Staying warm and dry is imperative.Please remember to always charge your phone before venturing out in any kind of weather during the winter months. Calm days can be deceptive and while roads may appear clear and free of obstacles, black ice and drifting snow can appear out of nowhere.Drive safe and tune your radio to the local AM weather alert station to keep abreast of any rapid changes in the forecast.